Spreading Smiles to Riverside’s Children

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National Children’s Dental Health Day

Free Children's Dental Care Riverside California Free Children's Dental Care Riverside California

Our Dental Health Programs for Children

Oral Health Care has long been perceived as separate from physical health and not a part of overall well-being by the general public. As a result, studies show that the lack of good dental health has strong financial, emotional, and physical implications. Children are likely to have self-esteem issues, poor nutrition, school absences, difficulty learning, and other physical complications due to untreated tooth decay. Among children, those who are lower income, uninsured, and minority populations suffer at higher rates of tooth decay and are more likely to go without treatment than others.

We currently run two dental health service programs to help keep Riverside’s children’s mouths clean and healthy. With a broad scope of help in dental health education and dental services offered, we believe we’re improving the quality of life for Riverside children.

Miles of Smiles Elementary Dental Program

Miles of Smiles exists to serve Riverside elementary schools with education in oral hygiene and nutrition and with subsequent dental screenings and the placement of sealants. We are helping children throughout the Riverside, Jurupa, and Alvord Unified School Districts.

During the 2011-2012 school year, the Miles of Smiles program was at 39 schools providing oral health education to 25,707 children, screening 14,690 and placed 11,692 sealants.

In the 2013-2014 school year, Miles of Smiles program increased to 40 schools throughout Riverside, Jurupa, and Alvord Unified School Districts. Working with these schools is an important entry point for providing information and oral health education, as well as delivering oral health care services to a large number of children. RCHF appreciates these vital partnerships with the school districts and each of the elementary schools that value what these services mean to the children and their families.

Miles of Smiles Head Start/PreSchool Program

The Miles of Smiles Head Start/Preschool program was developed with the goal of helping young children have a positive experience on their first dental visit. Our objectives are to reduce cavities among young children through early screenings and to change the perception of oral health into a vital part of overall well-being, among the parents of children ages 3 to 5. The expected outcomes are that parents will be able to prevent tooth decay, identify oral health issues early, seek regular dental care and be aware of local services.

Dr. Damon Castillo, former Riverside County Superintendent of Schools and former RCHF Board Member summarized the program’s importance by saying, “It is impossible for children to pay attention in the classroom when they are suffering from a severe toothache. Providing dental treatment to school children greatly enhances their ability to learn and has long-term effects on their future.”

Want to find out more about how to bring MOS to your school? Contact Veronica Montes at 951-353-2944 or at Veronica@rchf.org.


Teen Programs

We focus our efforts to help the youth—young men and young women in their adolescents, with all of their struggles.

Miles of Smiles

Two health service programs help keep Riverside’s children’s mouths clean and healthy.

Senior Services

Helping seniors with senior-focused exercise and support programs.

Health Education

Investing our efforts in the promotion of healthy behaviors, choices and lifestyles.

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