Educating Riverside to Stay Healthy

Riverside Community Health Foundation exists for this purpose: to promote healthier behaviors and choices within the community. We strive to provide important health education to the diverse communities that comprise the City of Riverside.

Through many outreach programs, seminars, and fairs we are continually educating Riverside on how to make healthy choices.

Take a look at our various programs to educate Riverside with information on healthy living and life choices. Our goal is to reach all of Riverside, helping our community’s families.



Promotoras exist to actively promote healthier behaviors and choices within our community.

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Promoting Family Health

Project t.e.a.m.
Follow the Leader is one of RCHF’s newest programs focusing on building parents’ skills and overall family health.

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Health Seminars

Project X-Men
Six health education seminars are offered annually, including the Heart Healthy Dinner, and Diabetes

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Teen Program

We focus our efforts to help the youth—young men and young women in their adolescents, with all of their struggles.

Miles of Smiles – Dental Health Services

Two health service programs help keep Riverside’s children’s mouths clean and healthy.

Senior Services

Helping seniors with senior-focused exercise and support programs.