Meal planning is the best way to set yourself up for success when trying to eat healthy. One of the biggest barriers to healthier eating is time. There are always unknown obstacles that could stand in the way of healthy eating. However, if you have a plan, those obstacles will be easier to overcome!

Meal planning takes just a few hours once per week. Choose a day of the week where you can block out a few hours with meal planning/grocery shopping. Once you start getting the hang of it, you’ll find what works for you and it will take you less and less time each week. Select recipes that go with each other so you can build off the last one. That way you aren’t buying a lot of new ingredients. Consider meal planning almost like a puzzle by making your recipes fit into your weekly menu so they are all somewhat connected.

Follow these 6 simple tips when choosing recipes:

  1. Choose recipes that you have never tried before for the evenings that you will have some time to prep. Browse the following websites for healthy recipes: My Fitness Pal Blog, Eating Well, Cooking Light, and Food Network (Healthy).
  2. For nights that you know you’ll have no time for prep, pick out some Crock-Pot® recipes you can start before you leave for the day and return to a glorious ready-to-go meal!
  3. Include some dinner recipes that can be packed along for when you may be on the road or at school activities in the evening, such as chicken Caesar wraps.
  4. Take your own favorite recipes and make them healthier by cutting back on oil/butter, salt and sugar. Use healthy recipe substitutions.
  5. Double some recipes so you can cook once and eat twice.
  6. Find recipes with about 5-8 ingredients and ingredients that you understand.

Sign up for a Meal Planning 101 workshop, where you’ll learn the basic principles to plan your family’s meals.

It will be held Wednesday, May 4th from 6-7:30 p.m. at Arlanza Family Health Center.

You’ll be able to get your feet wet with a few meal planning exercises, including how to plan meals on a budget.

You’ll also do some sampling of a few Crock-Pot® recipes and someone will go home with their very own Crock-Pot®!

Pre-registration is required and space is limited. Please call Kelly Weiss at 951-353-0711 to sign up today!


Meal Planning Tips & Upcoming Workshop

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